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söndag 1 augusti 2010

Gayikon och rasist?

Med tanke på denna gayikons åsikter om en stor minoritet muslimska invandrare till Storbritannien och tiotusentals årliga asylsökande som inte svävar i någon livsfara, så kan man undra om the gay community i Svedala, som ju är så anti-Sd och pro islamsk invandring, är okunniga eller väljer att utelämna vissa fakta?

”I do think that a sizeable minority of those who come here from Islamic countries, for example, might try to appreciate the benefits of our equal rights for all that they have presumably moved here in pursuit of, rather than setting about the process of curtailing, castrating and destroying our freedoms. Just imagine, for instance, the terror you must feel if you are one of the many gay Muslims who come to London seeking sanctuary from the crazed, murderous persecution your lot receive in Arab countries — only to see the very Mayor of London batting his eyelashes like a soppy schoolgirl at a mad mullah who advocates the cold-blooded murder of your kind! Talk about the lunatics taking over the asylum-seekers.

[. . .]

”. . . anyone who dismisses me as a racist because I am against ceaseless immigration to this country — by those tens of thousands of people each year who are in no peril whatsoever — and the inevitable driving down of the wages of the poorest that it brings, will be dismissed by me, in turn, as a mere stooge of the boss-class, a supporter of forced and/or slave labour and a despicable enemy of the multicoloured British working class. By all means hire a polite Polish plumber rather than a bolshy British one, and then get your tragic kicks gloating over the little saving you’ve made. But don’t kid yourself that this makes you a bona fide member of the brotherhood of man; it merely makes you a penny-pinching saddo who cares more about getting a bargain than social justice and fair wages for all.

P.S. Visst är hon skrämmande lik Christopher Hitchens? Är The Hitch drag?